All-Level Vinyasa at Escape to Yoga

  • Escape to Yoga 22520 Southwest Washington Street Sherwood, OR, 97140 United States

Hello yogis! I'm subbing a class at Escape to Yoga this evening. If you've been practicing with me for a while and have been wanting to step up your practice, this is an awesome opportunity to do so! Join me for an hour-long, all-levels Vinyasa class at a beautiful studio in old-town Sherwood! 

This all-level Vinyasa yoga class is vigorous and movement-based featuring synchronized breath and fluid movement with occasional holds and refinements on alignment offered throughout the series. With an emphasis on the cardiovascular benefits of a flowing yoga style, this class will keep you moving through creative sequences of yoga postures, with modifications offered so that everyone can personalize their yoga practice regardless of experience or energy level. Intermediate or advanced postures are offered at a pace that matches the level of the practitioners in the class. With modifications and props provided, beginners and experienced yogis alike will enjoy a personalized yoga practice along with a fun challenge.

Practitioners should be able to easily move from floor to standing and back to floor to enjoy this class.

As a new student to Escape to Yoga, you can sign up for 30 days of yoga for only $30. You get unlimited classes at the studio, which has classes 7 days a week. You can logon to  to sign up, or email me directly! Hope to see you there!